Julie and Stefan are long-time residents of the West Kootenays where they have lived in and around Nelson and the Slocan Valley.  They are also familiar with other parts of British Columbia.  Julie and Stefan both traveled a lot, and stayed in all sorts of places from hostels to fancy hotels.  They both love to meet new people from around the globe, and share with them their enthusiasm and knowledge about Slocan and the surrounding areas.

Julie et Stefan ont vecu dans la region des West Kootenays depuis aux alentours d'une vintaine d'années.  Ils sont aussi habité d'autre region de la Colombie Britanique.  Ils ont tous les deux voyager beaucoup et aiment beaucoup partager l'eur entousiame pour Slocan et ces environs. 

In 1987 Julie left her home in Quebec and made her first trip to Western Canada.  After a few more trips west, Julie made British Columbia her permanent home and raised her son in the Kootenays.  Julie is the creative force behind the Blue Moon B&B.  She combines her hospitality and artistic skills with her love of nature, outdoor activities, gardening, cuisine, and decoration, to piece together the Blue Moon's eclectic style.  Julie designs each room to be both stylish and comfortable; she plans the menus and prepares the breakfasts; and she handles the B&B's promotion, administration, and daily operation. 

Born in Bavaria, Germany, Stefan immigrated to Quebec in 1983.  He lived there for 6 years and became fluent in French. Craving a return to big mountains, he moved to British Columbia.  Here he was able to put his carpentry and ski mountaineering skills to use.  Stefan is a Canadian Ski Guide Association certified Lead Heli-Ski Guide, mentor, and instructor.  He has guided for several Heli-skiing operations in the last 15 years, and is now Lead Guide at Kingfisher Heliskiing in Vernon, BC.  Once the ski season is over, Stefan begins a busy season of building in the region. Adept at anything from rough carpentry to creating fine furniture or building stylish homes, Stefan dedicates many hours of his skills to the Blue Moon.

Julie is an avid cross-country skier, and in the summer, both she and Stefan love to paddleboard, kayak, hike, climb and ride their motorcycles.

Between the two of them, the hosts can comfortably communicate with you in English, French, German and Spanish.  Julie and Stefan will happily inform you of all there is to do in the area and help you with directions to get wherever you want to go.